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Garden Maintenance


There are so many tasks in maintaining a garden throughout the year. If you don’t see a service mentioned below, please ask. It’s hard to cover everything. Heres some of the basics.



Mulching not only adds to the nutrient levels in your soil, applying mulch after weeding will also:

  • keep weeds down
  • retain moisture
  • improve soil structure
  • improve appearance



Where a border or pathway meets a lawn, and there is no physical edge (timber or brickwork) this edge can become worn and give a sloppy look to your garden.

Re-edging should be carried out at least once a year or more as required. This can really give your garden that crisp finish. Edging is carried out using a special edger machine.


Weed Control

Keeping your plants weed-free will help the plant health, growth and visual appeal of your garden. Weeds, of course, will also pop up on your patio and driveway. It’s a never ending battle! Here are some of the solutions gardenCares provides:

  • Weed Control Membrane
  • Mulching or decorative stone
  • Pesticide Application
  • Ground Cover planting
  • Patio Weeding (using tools)


Power Washing

Ideal to give your patio a new lease of life or to clean down your garden furniture, fencing or gates. Pressure washing gets rid of the grime and dirt.


Leaf Collection

Leaves cluttering up your driveway, lawn or yard? This can leave a place looking messy around autumn or wintertime. gardenCares can clear leaves from any area. Leaves can also be completly removed from the property (green waste removal) if required.


Other Services

  • Planting
  • Raised Beds
  • Vegetable Garden Planning


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