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Hedge Trimming


A prime feature in many gardens is the living wall we call a hedge. Don’t neglect your hedging! Some hedges will not recover from severe pruning, once they get out of control.


Hedge Trimming

With the numerous varieties of hedge out there; yours may need a few trimmings or may only need one good trimming in the year. Green waste removal of clippings available if required.

If you would like your hedge looked after, contact gardenCares to get an estimate. Phone (087) 123 29 11.


Reshaping Hedges

Attractive hedges & shrubs can become an unshapely mess if neglected. Even then, though – they can usually be restored with a sensible approach. So if you’re interested in reducing the height of your hedge or if its become too wide – contact gardenCares for an estimate and assessment.


Pruning Shrubs

Pruning is essential to help keep your garden looking great. All plants have different pruning needs. Incorrect pruning can weaken, damage or even kill a plant. Routine pruning is best carried out every year.

If your borders have turned into a bit of a wilderness; pruning each shrub back into shape will really tidy things up. Overhanging branches and growth may be causing unwanted shade, so pruning can return light to your garden.


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