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Commercial Grass Cutting

Lawns mowed at the correct height with a professional quality machine.


Rough Grass Cutting

Over 6″ – this needs a different approach. You risk damaging a normal lawnmower if you tackle very long grass. Depending how far its gone, it may need a special rough mower to bring back down to a manageable height.



Your lawn should have an annual scarifying to remove thatch and discourage moss. When grass dies it doesn’t simply blow away; it forms a layer of thatch under your lovely green grass. Over time this will cause problems and will weaken your turf.


Lawn Weeds

Weeds not only look bad but, left untreated – they will ultimately destroy a lawn. Your only option then is to re-turf the whole area. Bare patches in your lawn can leave it open to weeds, as can sparse or poor grass growth.

  • Young lawns are particularly susceptible to damage
  • Weeds cannot compete with a healthy lawn thick with grass.
  • Lawn weeds will be treated with a suitable herbicide

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New Lawns

Sometimes a neglected lawn will need replacing. To get a new lawn or an instant (roll out) lawn installed. Contact gardenCares for further information.

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