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Garden Fencing – Gorey, Wexford

Job Requirements

The customer wants a wooden fence and a wide gate to enclose her back yard. She also asks for the ‘good side’ of the fence to face her back door. As the area is quite small, I recommend a 4ft high fence.

Site for garden fence.
This site has a gradual falling slope, the fence will be stepped down to compensate for this.
Measurements made & levels set..

Job Details

Measurements are made. The ground level is established. Positions for posts are calculated.

The site slopes, which means the fence will have a ‘stepped down’ look to compensate and keep everything level and plumb.

The ground is mainly wet sticky clay, has poor drainage and area quickly turns muddy/messy. Digging post holes is challenging but successful.

The pressure treated fence posts are deeply set in concrete – particularly important with this ground.

First few posts are set in..
Outside view of finished fence 1


I fit a treated single-sided closed picket /cottage style fence to the posts.

Outside view 2
Outside view of gate


The gate is fitted between strong posts and within easy access of the back door of the house.

Outside view 3
View of complete fence from house back-door.


The customer now has a strong functional garden fence and gate that should last for many years to come. Although it is a treated fence, I recommend that it is kept painted every year to prolong life even further and of course this will impove the overall look.

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